Nonprofit Consulting

I am a storyteller with extensive experience in grant writing, website design, branding, social media, annual reports, and much more. I’ve worked with nonprofits for decades as an Executive Director, employee, contractor, board member, and committee member.


Let me know what you need help with and I’ll prepare a quote!

Grants are getting more specific and harder to find. I can help with a specific application or a new grant strategy.
  • Writing: My greatest strength is storytelling, a critical component to successful applications. Picking the right stories for each grant and telling them well is key.
  • Grant Research: Don’t waste time applying for the wrong grants. I can help you identify the largest grants you’ll have a good chance of winning.
  • Grant Toolkits: Do you start from scratch on every application? I can create a library of text and images you can tweak and re-use.
  • Proofreading & Editing: Have you already written a grant application? I can make it clear, crisp, and on-point!
Nonprofits require clear and consistent messaging so donors know what you do. Branding is where that process starts.
  • Developing Your Look: I’ll help you select fonts and a color palette that work with your logo or design a new logo if you need one.
  • Mission & Vision: Your mission statement defines who you are. Your vision statement defines what you want to be. These should guide every decision you make.
  • Website Design: I’ll design your site to reflect your brand and have the fundraising tools you need.
  • Social Media Plan: I’ll help you decide platform(s) to use, how often to post, and how to keep the content on-brand and consistent.  
Every document you create is a potential fundraising tool. I’ll make them look good and fit your brand.
  • Annual Reports: When a donor or grantor looks at your annual report, everything from the financial reports to the storytelling must be perfectly on-point.
  • Web Content: Content on your website needs to be fresh, compelling, and on-brand.
  • Press Releases: Each press release you send out is a free ad. I’ll build the target media list, write the releases, and send them out for you.
  • Press Kits: I’ll make sure when reporters find your site, they’ll have everything they’ll need to create accurate, compelling news stories.


I am a member of the Montana Nonprofit Association and listed in the Partners for Good Directory
  • Wrote and coordinated grants for Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary (YWS) that brought in over $500,000 in funding
  • Designed websites for YWS, American Sanctuary Association (ASA) and others 
  • Wrote website content, including hundreds of pages of web content, including informational content, donation forms, press kits, FAQs, and much more
  • Created annual reports for YWS, including textual content and graphic design
  • Created branding for Festival of Nations, YWS, City of Red Lodge (through Red Lodge Convention & Visitors Bureau), This House of Books, and others
  • Press Liaison for Festival of Nations, YWS, Red Lodge Chamber, and others
  • Managed social media for numerous organizations
  • Wrote newsletters and press releases for many clients
  • Created standards for CEA that were adopted by the FCC
  • Managed ad campaigns and designed ads for RL Proud & Beautiful, Festival of Nations, YWS, This House of Books, and others
  • Weekly radio broadcasts and podcasts for YWS and others
  • Created YouTube channels, including design, editing, and voiceover for several clients
  • Collaborated with board & staff to create mission and vision statements


This is a sampling of the nonprofits that I have worked with.




  • California Teaching Credential #342745 in Computer and Related Technologies (now expired)
  • Taught courses at three colleges, including Rocky Mountain College in Billings
  • Guest lectured at U.C. Berkeley
  • Developed training curricula for both nonprofits and corporations


  • Three U.S. Patents related to closed captioning on broadcast television
    (7360234, 8245252, and 8312485).
  • Andrew Saks Engineering Award from TDI for “outstanding contributions to accessibility for deaf and hard-of-hearing people”
  • Profiled in Forbes Magazine in for entrepreneurial and engineering accomplishments