My voice experience spans both recorded and live work. I currently host a podcast and I’m a regular event emcee and parade announcer. I have recorded radio spots and a TEDx talk, taught college courses and product training seminars, performed standup comedy, and been interviewed numerous times on television, radio, and podcasts. I have no problem working for a live audience; I’ve spoken to audiences of over 1,000 people.


A podcast I host for Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary. Each episode, the podcast explores a different facet of one of the largest nearly-intact temperate zone ecosystems on Earth.

Audio Samples

Audio clips that represent a range of my voiceover work.

Video Samples

Videos featuring my speaking and reading voice in various settings. Includes a TV interview, reading one of my books to some porcupines, and my TEDx talk about closed captioning.


Visit my profile on Backstage for voiceover samples and credits.