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libraryjournal-title-slideThe slides are available for download from How to Merchandise Like a Bookstore, my talk at the recent Library Journal workshop for librarians. As always, I welcome comments and feedback! The slides are also available for download from Bookselling by the Numbers, my talk at the Mountains & Plains Independent Booksellers Association (MPIBA) fall tradeshow.

Book Signing Guide

Successful Book Signings cover.inddSome of the most popular pages on this website have been my blog posts filled with book signing tips. I have collected them together, extended them with new content, and added tips and stories from dozens of other authors. The result is my new book for writers: Gary’s Guide to Successful Book Signings, with almost 200 pages of help in making the your book events the best they can be. Readers can purchase them from their favorite local bookstore or online (it’s available in paperbook and Kindle format), and bookstores can get it through standard distribution channels or direct from the publisher.

Who Pooped in the Park News

Central Park front cover draftThe 20th book in my Who Pooped series, Who Pooped in Central Park?, comes out on Tuesday, May 24. You’ve been asking for a New York book, and here it is! We’re working on the scheduling now for my New York City book tour. I’ll post it here as soon as we know.

The Central Park book isn’t the only Who Pooped news: Who Pooped in the Park is coming to eBook readers! The first eBooks in the series are an Apple iBook edition and a Kindle edition of Who Pooped in the Cascades?, available right now!

The first book trailer for the Who Pooped series is out. It’s for the Yellowstone edition, and you can view it below or watch it on YouTube. Hint: if you subscribe to my channel, you’ll see future trailers when they come out!

Recent Awards and Appearances

Who Pooped in the Cascades took two honors that I’m very proud of: it is a High Plains Book Awards finalist in their new Children’s book category and a silver medal winner in the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards in the nonfiction/animals category.

My closed captioning TED talk from TEDxBozeman is online and ready to watch. For links and background information, see the post, “Video of my TEDx talk, and a few words about the content.”

If you’re looking for my writings about tea, see my Tea with Gary blog.

  1. Shelley Dartmann

    Do you do any classroom Skype calls? My kindergartners would love to talk to you about your Who Pooped In The Park books!

    • I have done quite a few classroom talks, but I’ve never been asked to do one over Skype. I don’t see why not, though.

      • I think that you should advertise a little bit. That may be a good way to start. Also, some schools aren’t allowed to go on those types of websites just because it gives kids access to Skype with their friends.

        By the way, I’m a big fan of Who Pooped In The Park!

        • Thank you, Art! At this point, I don’t want to advertise virtual classroom visits because I have too many other balls in the air, but I just might do it when things calm down a little bit.

  2. Linda Sommerville

    Thanks so much for hosting my book signing, it was SO MUCH FUN! Your hospitality made my “maiden voyage” (into book signings) a wonderful memory. L Sommerville “Grandkids’ Detective Club: Mystery of the Secret Room”

    PS I HAVE SOME PHOTOS but can’t attach them here, could you send me an e-mail address? Thanks.

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