More Books by Gary Robson

This list includes the books that aren’t on my Closed Captioning Books, Children’s Books, or Tea Books pages.

Gary’s Guide to Successful Book Signings

Successful Book Signings cover.inddAt long last, your book is done. You’ve handed off the final manuscript to your editor, had your photo taken for the book jacket, and emptied your celebratory bottle of wine. Time to start on the next book? No. It’s time to start planning the marketing and promotion for this one!

Gary’s Guide to Successful Book Signings will walk you through your launch party, book signings, talks, and conventions. It covers everything from the basics (how do you sign a book?) to the advanced (what should be in your exhibitor kit at a book show?) replete with tips, tricks, sample signatures, photos, and anecdotes. [read more]

ISBN 9780965960984 (Trade Paperback)
2016 Proseyr Publishing
182 pages
Price: $12.99
(Also available in Kindle eBook and Apple iBook editions)

The Very Best of the Red Lodge Local Rag

Best of the Local Rag coverIn 1991, Lou Ward started an alternative newspaper in Red Lodge, Montana called the Red Lodge Local, which changed names several times, finally settling on the Local Rag. The final issue came out in December of 2014. I have owned the Rag since 2007, and I’ve gathered the funniest, the localest, the VERY BEST of the Local Rag for this book in 252 full-color pages. [read more]

ISBN 9780965960977 (Trade Paperback)
252 pages
2015 Proseyr Publishing
Price: $29.99

The Darkest Hour, 3rd Edition

The Darkest Hour 3rd ed coverOn February 27, 1943, an explosion at Smith Mine #3 in Washoe, Montana killed 74 men—the worst coal mining disaster in Montana’s history. This is the story of the miners, the heroes in the rescue operation, and the communities that were brought close to extinction by the disaster.

This is a third edition of the original book, which was written by Fay Kuhlman. [read more]

ISBN 9780965960946
Trade Paperback
42 pages
2015 Proseyr Publishing
Price: $5.99
(Also available in Kindle eBook and Apple iBook editions)

The Court Reporter’s Guide to Cyberspace

Court Reporters Guide to CyberspaceWhen it was published in May of 1996, this book was the definitive guide to the Internet, CompuServe, and the rest of the dark and mysterious world on the other end of the modem. Written with co-author Richard Sherman. [read more]

ISBN: 0965151808
350 pages
Trade softcover
1996 CyberDawg Publishing
Price: $24.95

Growing Up on Memory Lane

Growing Up on Memory LaneThis book is an anthology edited by Karen Glaesemann and Devon LaHar. It includes my story, Just Another Montana Morning — my first anthologized piece. [read more]

ISBN 0974900907
184 pages
Trade softcover
2004 Small Town USA
Price: $12.95

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