Tea Books

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Myths & Legends of Tea, Volume 1

Seven stories of tea, including the poor farmer who cleaned up a temple and was given a special tea by the goddess; the mandarin who tried to fix an English earl’s tea and created one of the western world’s most popular teas; the tea master who performed one last tea ceremony after he was ordered by his daimyo to commit seppuku. Some of the stories are entirely legend, their origins lost in the mists of time. Some are based heavily on fact. Some will be familiar to any tea aficionado. Some are purely the product of my own imagination.

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Myths and Legends of Tea Vol 1 cover

A Tea Journey: Your Personal Tea Cupping Journal

This guided journal is designed to guide you through the next 100 teas you taste. Keeping notes about each cup of tea encourages you to drink your tea actively, paying attention to taste, aroma, appearance, and how it feels in your mouth. When you journal about it, tea becomes an experience to savor and linger over instead of just another drink.

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A Tea Journey front cover