Captioning Books

These books are available from all of your favorite book sources, except for Inside Captioning, which is now out of print.

The Closed Captioning Handbook

Detailed coverage of captioning technology for engineers, up-to-date analysis of captioning law, a comprehensive glossary, an annotated history of captioning, and much more. The Closed Captioning Handbook covers everything you need to know about closed captioning including digital television, DVD subtitling, Web site accessibility, and troubleshooting for both consumer and professional captioning equipment.

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Closed Captioning Handbook

Alternative Realtime Careers

This book is a guide to closed captioning and CART, specifically written for court reporters. It can put you on the path to an exciting new career. You’ll learn everything you need to know about the captioning and CART work environments and, more importantly, how to prepare and take advantage of these opportunities.

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Alternative Realtime Careers

Inside Captioning

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about closed captioning and related technologies, written by one of the foremost experts in the field. This book takes you through the history of captioning, the technology, the laws, the social issues, and case studies.

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Inside Captioning

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