Magazine & Newspaper Articles

This sampling of my articles shows the breadth of my writing. Some are highly technical, and others much lighter. Topics range from microelectronics to history to cattle to beer. These are from magazines & newspapers, but I’ve also written paid articles for encyclopedias, websites, and anthologies.

In “Closed Captions, V-Chip, and Other Line 21 Data,” I explained the technical side of closed captioning to readers of Nuts & Volts magazine.
My Acres USA article is about a breed of cattle few people are familiar with: Corrientes.
I wrote this article, “Guarding the Record: Transmitting Court Documents Safely,” for Law Technology News.
This is one of my “Beer Snob” columns for the Local Rag monthly newspaper.
This article for the Journal of Court Reporting discusses the many ways to measure quality of closed captioning — a theme I covered in my TED talk.
In my early days in the integrated circuit world, I wrote this article about using behavioral modeling in logic simulators for VLSI Design magazine.
My “History of the Kilt” article for Renaissance magazine explains just how recent our current concept of a kilt is.
This is a one of the “Gary Robson on Captioning” columns I wrote for a newspaper called Newswaves for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing People.
I wrote “The Origins of Phreaking” for Blacklisted! 411, a magazine about computer hacking and phone phreaking.