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gary-in-kilt-for-about-page-of-websiteIn 2001, I set aside my 20 years of technical and entrepreneurial management and moved to Montana to focus on my writing and purchase an independent bookstore. I still do some consulting in the field of closed captioning for deaf and hard-of-hearing people, a field in which I hold two patents and several awards (not to mention the three books on the subject I’ve written). See my ego wall for details on patents and awards. I also gave a TED talk about captioning at TEDxBozeman in 2014, and my latest project is a webcomic called Ferret in a Lab Coat.

My list of publications includes over two dozen books and technical manuals, and hundreds of articles for magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias, and Web sites. I’ve written for a wide variety of publications, from the World Book Encyclopedia to Renaissance magazine, on subjects ranging from cattle to computer hacking.

My experience as an engineer from the highest level user interface design and specification to the lowest level chip design and operating system coding provides a broad base for writing on technical issues. I also have extensive Web design experience using direct HTML, Perl, PHP, MySQL, and hand-coded CSS.

I have a teaching credential (now expired) in computer and related technologies, and have taught at three colleges. I have also put on seminars for over two dozen different organizations.

I have served on numerous boards of directors, including the Red Lodge Festival of Nations (I served two years as president), the Fremont (California) Chamber of Commerce, Red Lodge Area Chamber of Commerce, Beartooth Elks Lodge #534, and the Beartooth Nature Center.

I also emcee many Scottish events in the area, including the Yellowstone Scottish Highland Games, the Festival of Nations, and our annual Robert Burns supper.

  1. Gary, I found this post because I was interested in joining the Elks club as a way of showing my daughter our family cares about community and charity. However, my husband and I are atheist. I call myself a Humanist but either way I do not believe in God. I am thrilled to find you are the author of “Who pooped in the park” I teach at a science school and love this book! We do a lot with scat! So thank you for that!

    • You’re very welcome, Rae. A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet the new “Grand Exalted Ruler” (essentially the president of the national organization that oversees all local lodges and almost a million members), and tell him that I think it would enhance our organization and increase our membership if atheists were allowed to join. Someone interrupted us quickly so I didn’t have a chance to get his feedback — but at least I got to say it!

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