1. I watched the whole TEDx Bozeman 2014 talk, too, Gary. I’m still at it, postproduction closed-captioning, but mostly transcription. I’ve watched over the decades as transcription services have been outsourced, but when people want quality they know where to go. I thank you for your work that has benefited the deaf community. Incidentally, I acknowledge what would be the benefits to the millions of deaf video video viewers, but you also must know there are millions of video viewers who benefit from CC because their mother tongue is not English, and accurate source (if English) language closed-captioning greatly improves the bot-translation, and yes, I know it usually stinks!
    All the best – Happy Thanksgiving upcoming.
    (typos mines)

  2. Thanks for your suggestions, Gary. In the meantime, I did a bit more research and came across dcmp.org through which I found what seems to be a very good and clearly written captioning style guide: http://www.captioningkey.org/ I would be interested to know what you think of it. Maybe it could be used as the standard. Best, Lucy

  3. I just watched your TED Talk on captioning. It was great! I enjoyed it, learned some new things, and appreciate it. I’m working on a project to write a style guide for captioning video clips for an organization that helps people with stress reduction. Would you be able to recommend to me where I could get a style guide for post-production online video captioning–the FCC, the N.A.D., another organization?

    1. Lucy –

      Unfortunately, most of the style guides are proprietary at this point. As much as I’d love to see a general guide, it’s been hard to get competing businesses to cooperate in making one. I took a stab at describing the basics in my book, The Closed Captioning Handbook. Perhaps that would be a good starting point for you. Otherwise, perhaps you could talk to some of the larger captioning agencies that do post-production work (NCI, Vitac, CaptionMax…) and see if any of them might share with you.

      Good luck!

      -=- Gary -=-

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