The Very Best of the Red Lodge Local Rag

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In 1991, Lou Ward started an alternative newspaper in Red Lodge, Montana called the Red Lodge Local, which changed names several times, finally settling on the Local Rag. The final issue came out in December of 2014. I have owned the Rag since 2007, and I’ve gathered the funniest, the localest, the VERY BEST of the Local Rag for this book.

The entire book is printed in color, with a mix of scanned content from older papers and crisp fresh images from newer ones. Robson has pulled together features from all six editors, including the wildly popular “Where do you read YOUR Local Rag,” where readers submitted pictures of themselves reading the Rag in 50 countries, spanning all seven continents.

Content includes fun articles and images alongside profiles and histories, and the book has old ads scattered throughout as well.

The book is fully indexed to help readers find over 600 people, businesses, and organizations in Red Lodge.

If you are interested in selling this book in your bookstore, you can get it directly from the publisher (Proseyr Publishing) or through standard distribution channels.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction by Gary Robson
  • CHAPTER 1: What is this Local Rag thing?
  • CHAPTER 2: Where do you read your Local Rag?
  • CHAPTER 3: If we may be serious for a moment
  • CHAPTER 4: People & Profiles
  • CHAPTER 5: Bathroom humor
  • CHAPTER 6: Food & Drink
  • CHAPTER 7: Columns & Regular Features
  • CHAPTER 8: Red Lodge Believe it or NOT!
  • CHAPTER 9: Christmas in Red Lodge
  • CHAPTER 10: That strange Local Rag sense of humor
  • CHAPTER 11: The Cody Quarterline Saga
  • CHAPTER 12: Red Lodge Major Events
  • CHAPTER 13: Local Rag Election Coverage
  • CHAPTER 14: The Best of Red Lodge
  • Index