Ravnøya Handouts

Session 1 — 2023/03/08

I am currently showing the following distribution of magical or “special” items among the party. Most of your gold (plus a rolled-up carpet from Shaaslot’s office) is in Brad’s new bag.

  • Ander (Dan) has the box containing an unknown magic item called Shadowpiercer
  • Anya (Gwen) has the Talsia axe and the tarnished ring
  • Kvarik (Jeremy) has Sharimara mace and what Heather is calling the “drink token”
  • Schizandra (Heather) has the Arahant crossbow and one Enlightening Bolt
  • Ulfhednar (Brad) has the Bag of Getuca, the Catseye shield, a clay pitcher (in the Bag of Getuca), and the Oddly-Shaped Spoon.
  • Ingeborg (NPC) has the Tube of Oversight

This is the list of confiscated items you found on the desk in the armory. It was actually written in Draconic, but Schizandra translated it for everyone.

Here’s what you know about the magic weapons you found. You’ll learn more after you attune to them.

Shadowpiercer (Ander)

This item is in a black box about 18″ long by 3″ high by 7″ wide with no obvious keyhole or lock. Ander hasn’t figured out how to open it yet so you don’t know anything about it.

Catseye (Ulfhednar)

This magical shield is made from ebony, carved to resemble fur. In the center is a sigil of a lavender cat eye. On the back (the side facing the wielder) is inscribed the items name, and the phrase “Try as you might, you can’t surprise a cat. Say Catnap for easier carrying” in Dwarvish. Saying “Catnap” caused it to curl up onto Ulf’s arm like a bracer.

Arahant (Schizandra)

The body of this hand crossbow is made from dragon bone with brass accessories. Inscribed down one side in silver letters it says “Your wisdom brings your enemies’ enlightenment.” The other side has the item’s name, “Arahant, Crossbow of Realization,” also in silver. On each side of Arahant is a clip that can hold a crossbow bolt. One is empty. The other contains a bolt whose shaft is dragon bone stained deep red, the tip is steel, and the fletching is black. On the shaft, in silver Elvish script, is written “Enlightening Bolt.”

The crossbow was in a red velvet bag with a drawstring. It also contained four loose crossbow bolts with plain wood shafts, steel tips, and black fletching.

Sharimara (Kvarik)

Sharimara is a flanged mace with six steel flanges equally spaced around a center spike. The handle appears to be walnut. It has writing in Dwarvish carved down the length of the handle on both sides. One side says, “Sharimara, the Mace of Redistribution” and the other says, “Deal the pain to heal the pain.”

Talsia (Anya)

Talsia has a classic battle axe head with a blade on one side and an armor-piercing spike on the other. The handle is carved from a very large femur bone. It has writing in Dwarvish carved down the length of both sides of the handle. One side says, “Talsia, the Axe of Exsanguination” and the other says, “Draw me not without letting me drink!”

Session Zero — 2023/03/01

Apparently created by the Hospitality Guild, this guide to food, drinks, entertainment, and lodging was found clutched in the hand of a dead tourist just outside the Docks.

Copies of the Guild Compact were distributed to all of the public buildings in Huginn to be posted for all to see. You found it at The River Rat Inn.