Gods of Ravnøya

The deities of the Ravnøya campaign are loosely based on Norse and Celtic gods. Just because you know something of Sif from the Eddas, the MCU, or various D&D books, that doesn’t mean it applies to Sif in this game!

The green space in each deities’ alignment grid shows that deity’s alignment. The red spaces show alignments they will not accept for their worshippers. Ideally, you’ll find a god/patron that either fits your alignment exactly or is within one square of it either orthogonally or diagonally. For example, while a lawful character could choose Aegir, the best fit would be a chaotic good character and second best would be NG, N, or CN.

Title: God of Strong Drink and the Sea

Alignment: CG

Antithetical Alignments: Will not accept evil disciples

Symbol: A brown mug of ale with seafoam blue froth


He is unpredictable and follows no rules, but has a heart of gold and cares deeply about people’s happiness.

Aegir revels in the enjoyment of others, especially when hosting the gods with his amazing meads, wines, and beers. His followers tend to be great hosts, but not necessarily law-abiding citizens. He has no tolerance for evil.

Physical Appearance

In his long robes, Aegir may appear to be a copper-skinned human with flowing blonde hair and a long braided beard to match. Look closely, however, and you’ll see that instead of legs he has the lower body of a fish. He hovers just high enough to keep the tail off the ground. He never goes anywhere without a mug, usually filled with dark malty ale.

Title: God of Death

Alignment: LE

Antithetical Alignments: None. Arawn will accept anyone as a disciple

Symbol: A black eight-pointed star superimposed over a brown scythe


As the ruler of the Kingdom of the Dead, they may be feared as an agent of chaos, but they actually follow a strict code of conduct. They believe in honor and predictability. Those who enter their Kingdom are treated well as long as they follow the rules.

Arawn will kill without hesitation when they feel the time is right, but defend the lives of those that they feel still have a purpose among the living. Arawn believes in honor, but does not believe in mercy.

Physical Appearance

Arawn manifests as a very slender human with no body hair. They wear a bone mask and a long black shapeless cloak that makes impossible to discern their actual body shape or sex. Their hands perpetually drip blood, and he rides a blood-red horse.

Title: Goddess of the Hunt

Alignment: LN

Antithetical Alignments: None. Artemis will accept anyone as a disciple

Symbol: A green bow with a blue arrow


Artemis hunts both animals and people, and follows a strict code of ethics when doing so. She hunts animals for food and people to eliminate enemies. She is a great lover of strong drink, and celebrates heartily after a successful hunt.

Physical Appearance

Artemis manifests as a Harengon (rabbitfolk) just under 5′ tall, not counting her ears. She carries a bow that requires a strength of 20 to draw, and has a quiver with an unending supply of arrows. She moves silently and incredibly fast, so fast she sometimes appears to be teleporting.

Title: God of Music and Poetry

Alignment: N

Antithetical Alignments: None. Bragi will accept anyone as a disciple

Symbol: A brown and gold harp


A good poem is a good poem. It matters not if what it describes is true or accurate. What matters is whether it can evoke strong emotion. Can it make you laugh? Cry? Then it can be any form, from haiku to ode.

Similarly, music is to be enjoyed. Good music has power. Good music can entrance you, alter your mood, make you fall in love with the performer, and stick in your head like a brain leech.

Bragi does not care about alignment; he cares about the pure joy of a beautiful melody or an inspirational poem.

Physical Appearance

Bragi appears to be a very average-looking Nordliger man. He dresses in simple clothing and carries a golden lap harp.

Title: God of Medicine and Healing

Alignment: LG

Antithetical Alignments: Will not accept chaotic evil disciples

Symbol: A silver hand surrounded by green leaves


Diankecht will always do what he feels is best for the individual, giving preference to his followers in triage situations. He abhors those who cause pain intentionally.

Diankecht believes that the needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many. He expects his disciples to take care of whoever needs help, without prejudice or hesitation. He understands war and honors a clean kill, but won’t abide leaving wounded people to suffer.

Physical Appearance

Diankecht manifests as a very tall elf with silver skin and long coal-black hair. He wears white clothing, and has a bandolier of potions across his chest.

Title: God of Family

Alignment: LN

Antithetical Alignments: Will not accept evil disciples

Symbol: A black wolf head with a red eye, about to devour a yellow sun


Fenrir believes in the Law of the Pack. Simply put, the good of the pack—or family—outweighs the good of the individual and the good of mankind in general.His disciples, known as Children of the Fang, must follow the rules and philosophy of the pack, or they will be forcefully ejected.

He does not believe in killing for the sake of killing, but any threat to pack or family is eliminated immediately without hesitation or regret. He believes that kills should be clean; he abhors torture and cruelty.

Physical Appearance

Fenrir takes the form of a gigantic wolf, his black hair shot through with silver.

Title: Goddess of Battle

Alignment: CE

Antithetical Alignments: Will not accept lawful disciples

Symbol: Crossed black spears behind a reddish-brown laughing skull


Morrigan follows no rules and cares nothing for the needs or cares of others. She respects skilled warriors who follow her example, and will protect her followers—most of the time. She doesn’t understand Lawfully-aligned people and doesn’t want them as followers.

Everything about Morrigan is focused on the short term: winning the battle. No tactic is too extreme and no death toll is too high. If torture will help her win, she will torture with glee. Morrigan has no boundaries.

Physical Appearance

Morrigan looks like a very dark-skinned orc. She wears black armor and carries long spears in a quiver on her back.

Title: Goddess of War

Alignment: NG

Antithetical Alignments: Will not tolerate evil disciples

Symbol: A hand with an upraised sword


Sif tends to prefer action over inaction, and is likely to charge into combat whenever she feels her cause is noble. She tends to think outside the box tactically, and she prizes creativity in her followers.

Physical Appearance

Sif manifests as a tiefling, tall and muscular—in a gymnast way as opposed to a weightlifter way. She has reindeer-style antlers, and keeps her strawberry-blonde hair pulled back and braided. She carries a heavy claymore (STR of 18 just to lift it), but can wield it like a rapier.

Title: God of Winter and Trickery

Alignment: CN

Antithetical Alignments: Will not accept lawful disciples

Symbol: A red-orange flame with faint eyes and an ice-blue snowflake


Ullr prides himself on being unpredictable, sometimes to the point of capriciousness. He enjoys that in his disciples, and tends to attract Chaotically-aligned people. He loves a good laugh and has been known to pull pranks that backfired on him. He’s never intentionally cruel, but his sense of schadenfreude means that he can still get a chuckle out of a trick that went too far and hurt someone.

Physical Appearance

Ullr manifests as a dwarf, small and chunky in build with snow-white hair and beard. His beard is forked and has jewels braided into it that look like ice crystals. His coat is fur and his pants canvas. His whole outfit is fiery red on the left side and icy blue on the right. He controls snow, ice, and avalanches.