Fundraising Thank-You Video

People make nonprofit donations for many different reasons. Some want anonymity, but most like to get a bit of recognition for their support. Almost everybody wants to see how their money was used. A financial report or an update email is great, but a video carries a lot more impact.

I created this video to recognize and thank some specific donors that made a fox habitat upgrade possible, and to show everyone the new habitat and the fox’s reaction to it.

Video produced for Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary by Gary Robson

The video was shot on cellphones. Some of the still photos are from DSLR cameras, but most are from cellphones.

Tools used for this project

  • Adobe Photoshop for the title, end screen, banner, and other graphics
  • Adobe Audition for voiceover and audio editing
  • Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing
  • YouTube for closed caption editing and timing