Fact Sheets

When I designed this set of fact sheets for a co-op (nonprofit) bookstore, I made sure the layout, logo placement, fonts, and colors all followed the co-op’s branding that I developed. This made it obvious they all come from the same organization.

I also made sure that the differences between them—most noticeably the color combinations—would make it easy to grab the right document and make it obvious when you had two of the same fact sheet or two different ones.

This fact sheet was a handout for people interested in investing in the co-op. Co-ops have shares like a corporation and members like nonprofit associations, so it’s important to explain simply how it works.
The fact sheet for authors and the one for investors are the most likely to be confused, so I used very different colors for them.
This was posted in the co-op, kept next to the checkout register, and often mailed out. It complements the others, but still has a different look.
The form is often filled out by hand, so I kept it simple and left a generous amount of space for the signature. It can still be filled in on a computer with a PDF program like Acrobat as well.

Tools used for this project

  • Microsoft Word for composing and editing the text
  • Adobe InDesign for document layout
  • Adobe Acrobat for optimizing the PDFs and setting up the form