Accreditation Application

When the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary applied for accreditation with the American Sanctuary Association, ASA required a lot of documentation. To create the 153-page application, I was able to use some existing materials, but I still had to create quite a bit from scratch. This included a heavily-illustrated, 20-page “About the Facility” document and some new policies and procedures.

Sample pages from the document, showing tables, forms, satellite imagery, text, and more.

The application form “ticked all the boxes” and brought ASA representatives to the Sanctuary, which received its official accreditation later that year.

Tools used for this project

  • Google Earth for satellite imagery
  • Adobe Photoshop for photo cleanup and creating new graphics
  • Microsoft Word for composing and laying out the text
  • Microsoft Excel for creating forms and tables
  • Adobe Acrobat for assembling the various documents into a single PDF file