Schedules and meta-blogging

Deadlines cover
Deadlines and horror. What a marvelous combination!

Ever since I split my blog in two, creating this blog and Tea With Gary, I have tried to keep the writing-related items here and the tea-related items there. Yesterday, however, I wrote a post on Tea With Gary about blogging on a schedule. Blogging is, of course, writing, which means that it belongs here as much as it belongs there. I will settle, however, for writing a blog post here about that blog post, and directing readers over there to read it.

Blogging on a Schedule actually begins with a discussion of blogging tips, most of which are found on blogs. That means that right now I am blogging about a blog post about people who blog about blogging. That hurts my head.

In that post, I make my point using a quote from Douglas Adams, an xkcd cartoon, a Princess Bride reference, a nod to Robert Godden, and the cover of a book entitled Deadlines: An Anthology of Horror and Dark Fiction (see right). Rather than try to reproduce all of that here, let me just tell you how it applies to this blog.

I write about all sorts of things here, from cattle to kilts; from cancer to meddling neighbors; medical marijuana to atheists in the Elks. Mostly, however, it’s about writing and books. Most of my writing posts are inspired by events in my own writing career or by events in my bookstore. That means that they tend to happen in the summertime. That means I have a devil of a time keeping to a schedule on this blog.

On the bright side, there’s a lot going on in the next few months, so you’ll see more activity here than usual. If you don’t want to have to check in regularly, please subscribe so you’ll get notifications automatically.

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