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Mitosis complete, cytokinesis in progress

Amoeba reproducingOnce upon a time, I had a blog. I talked about all kinds of stuff on that blog, but mostly books, writing, and tea. Over time, I found that the people who read the tea posts really didn’t have that much interest in my writing. What to do?

Well, like a sexually-ripe amoeba, I realized it was time to split. I created the new blog “Tea With Gary,” and moved all of my tea posts over to it. With the content in place, I just need to unpack everything, hang the curtains, throw on a fresh coat of paint, and it will be ready for the world.

This post, in slightly different versions, is going in both blogs, explaining the process and guiding my friends and followers to the one most appropriate for them. If you wish to follow both, by all means do! Otherwise, enjoy the lack of distraction. Make a nice cup of tea, relax, and do a bit of reading.

The Split

The split itself was an interesting process. After creating the new blog, I brought up a post in the old one and searched for a way to move it. No “move” command. There’s a “copy,” which allows you to use one blog post as a template for another, but it won’t cross from one blog to another. I brought up the list of posts and checked all of the possible bulk actions. No luck. After a half hour of monkeying around, I went to the WordPress help files. Searching for “copy posts between blogs” and “split a blog” didn’t help much, nor did variants of those phrases and keywords.

Finally, I turned to the forums. That, my friends, was a positive and pleasant experience. A fine fellow by the name of Captn Mike responded in less than ten minutes with instructions and links to help files. It was an easy process once he pointed me the right way. Just “export” all of the tea posts from the main blog, “import” them into the new blog, and clean up all of the links.

The reproduction of the chromosomes (the posts) is complete. Once I trim out the unnecessary stuff and clean it up, the blogs will be cleanly divided.

Ruminations on a new tea website

(The post “Ruminations on a new tea website” was moved to my new blog, “Tea With Gary,” on October 11.)

Mr. Excellent’s Post-Apocalyptic Earl Grey Tea

(The post “Mr. Excellent’s Post-Apocalyptic Earl Grey Tea” was moved to my new blog, “Tea With Gary,” on October 11.)

Twinings changes their Earl Grey. Stop the presses. Or don’t.

(The post “Twinings changes their Earl Grey. Stop the presses. Or don’t.” was moved to my new blog, “Tea With Gary,” on October 11.)

How important is the word “organic”?

(The post “How important is the word ‘organic’?” was moved to my new blog, “Tea With Gary,” on October 11.)

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