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  1. Thanks all for the comments. At first people (me included) think: “What’s the big deal about feedback. But to do it right takes thoughtfulness (as in putting a bit of thought into it). Getting and receiving feedback isn’t rocket science, but this remarkable resource we have as writers does indeed deserve 154 pages.

  2. Ah, feedback. What a thorny topic. I bet Joni makes great sense of it–not an easy task at all!

    • She does, Jenny. Prior to reading “Toxic Feedback,” I wouldn’t have thought someone could write a whole book on the subject, but there’s a lot to say, and I think Joni handled it well.

  3. Really enjoyed your post. I shared it on my blog’s face book page. My Life. One Story at a Time. Thanks. I am following your blog and looking forward to reading more. Donna

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