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Caution: Haiku May Lead to Drinking Beer With Friends

Gary Robson with beer

This is the author picture that used to run with my “Beer Snob” columns. That’s a Scottish Ale I’m tasting.

Oh, my goodness gracious! Yesterday, I posted 26 of my beer haiku on this blog. As usual, I posted a link on Facebook and Twitter. The Facebook link said:

Haiku: Celebrating Beer in Verse, in which I offer up 26 original poems to beer. Anyone care to add their own?

The response was marvelous, as a couple of my friends jumped in to respond, and we all ended up at Sam’s Taproom (the pub/tasting room attached to our local brewery, Red Lodge Ales).

Be careful, people! Writing beer haiku can lead to laughing, drinking, witty repartee, and hugs.

I’ve edited this only slightly to remove last names, fix the order of things, and take out a few extraneous comments. Other than that, this is what appeared on my Facebook timeline immediately after last night’s blog post:

I really like beer
No, seriously, I do.

Doug writes a haiku
But he stops after two lines

BAH! In the comments section, you have to hit all kinds of Shift+Enter mumbo jumbo to make it format correctly!

Beer, mead, beer, mead, beer
One is sweet, one is bitter
I like both just fine.

Hoppy beer is fine
Malty beer is more my style
Scottish Ale, Porter

Beer is good alone
Beer is better with great friends
Beer is always good

Beer beer beer beer beer
Beer beer beer beer beer beer beer
I love this here beer

Care for a pint sir? Indubitably, I would So, Ale or Lager?

Dan has the same formatting problems I have.

Stupid Facebooking
Writing a poem about beer
Can’t find the shift key

Laughing at my pals
Dan, want to go get a beer?
Come pick my ass up.

My Thanksgiving beer
Is all Montana-made beer
I love living here

Gary, you in town?
Dan wants to go get a beer
Sam’s Taproom sounds good.

Sam’s Taproom sounds great
I’d love to join you bozos
But I have some work

Went to the TR
Eating some yummy chicken
pick you up real soon

I think from now on
I will comment in Haiku
On everyone’s wall

Excuse sacrilege
But oh my freaking christmas
Haiku can be fun

It is easier
to make comments in Haiku
than to write Limericks

Oh, who needs to work?
I will join you for a pint
Shall I pick you up?

The first to arrive
With him shall I ride to Sam’s
and hoist a beer, CHEERS!

I’m on my way now
If Dan gets there before me
Call and let me know.

To craft an odd sort of verse,
One couldn’t think anything worse
Than fives, fives, and sevens,
about beer (good heavens!),
To me, seems downright perverse.

I don’t understand.
What the hell is a haiku?
You people are nuts.

God is good. Beer is great.
He gave us beer forsooth partake.
With his sun on hops doth shine.
Please back off, THIS beer is mine!

I know…it’s a rhyme, not haiku. Gesundheit!

Pints for Prostates

Pints for ProstatesIn 2009, my wife and I had the pleasure of attending the first annual Denver Rare Beer Tasting, put on by an organization called Pints for Prostates. It was a marvelous event, where two dozen breweries poured their rarest, most unique beers and money was raised for prostate cancer awareness. Upon my return, I made the event the subject of one of my Beer Snob columns. Little did I know what was to happen!

My awareness was raised by the little talk founder Rick Lyke (see his blog here) put on, and when I had my physical last year, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. My prostate was not enlarged, so a standard DRE (digital-rectal exam) did not catch it. I requested a PSA blood test, however, and that came back positive. Because of this beer tasting event, my cancer was caught early and surgery took care of it.

Now, it’s my turn to pass the word.

On Sunday, June 26 — the Sunday after Father’s Day — we’ll be doing a Pints for Prostates event in Red Lodge at the Pollard Pub. I’m working with local breweries and the Billings Clinic to put the event together, and I’ll be announcing more details as we get things finalized. We do know that Red Lodge Ales is preparing two special brews just for this event. One will be a vanilla bean porter, and the other will be an IPA aged on cedar chips.

The ticket price for the evening will include your beer and food for the evening (if you want anything else to drink, there will be a full no-host bar). What kind of food, you ask? We don’t have the full menu yet, but I can tell you it will include bangers and mash, along with Rocky Mountain oysters. Appropriate for a prostate cancer awareness event, no?

Stay tuned for more information, and I do hope you’ll attend if you live in the area. If you’d like to help with the event, let me know. Prostate cancer is a killer. I lost a cousin to it. Show up on June 26 and you’ll not only get some great beer, food, and fun, but it just might save your life.

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