Wish List – Christmas 2020

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Here’s my list, arranged in no particular order. It shows the prices as of when I last visited the page.

Set of steampunk keyboard, mouse and USB lightsSteampunk Keyboard, Mouse & Speakers – $39.95

There are two designs. I like the pictured one best, but I’d love to have either one of them. 


Thunderbolt And Lightning on Mens T-ShirtT-Shirts (Size XL)

Thunderbolt & Lightning – SnorgTees
Bard, Master of Song – RedBubble
Black Cat Holding On – RedBubble
Cat with Knife – RedBubble
Attempted Murder – NerdyShirts
I Drink and I Know Things – SnorgTees

Wireless Qi Charging Pads

Fast Charging pad for iPhone – MyCharge (on sale for $19.99)
Charging Pad with tray for keys & stuff – Courant (on sale for $122)
Wireless iPhone charging with tray & iPad charger – PopSci ($191)


Adjustable Tablet Stand for phone/iPad – Wish (on sale for $52)
iPhone Holder for Car – WeatherTech ($34.95)
Phoenix Pearl Tea hand-thrown logo mug!
Allsop Dual Monitor Stand – BestBuy ($66.99)

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