Upper Urquarth

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Upper Urquarth — usually just called Uptown — is reachable by a reasonably well-groomed road that comes south from Old Creek Road, which used to be the main east-west road through the southern edge of the Great Desert. Since the creek the road was named for dried up, most traffic takes the River Road, which runs parallel to Old Creek Road.

Uptown was founded in the 10th year of the reign of King Mhàrtainn the 4th, approximately 2,250 years ago. The current population of the town is around 800.


Uptown has a symbiotic relationship with the Urquarth Delves, the underground part of the twin towns. There aren’t enough farms and ranches on the outskirts to make the town self-sufficient, but there’s a thriving export business for the Delven Ales made from the barley and hops that grow around Uptown.

Uptown also contains a collection of shops that sell the items produced by the dwarven smiths and artisans of the Delves. The majority of the market is tourists.


Most of the dwarves of Urquarth live in the Delves. That leaves Uptown with a resident population of about 58% humans, 27% gnomes, 8% halflings, 5% dwarves, and 2% elves. Long-standing feuds between the dwarves and goblins of the Southern Mountains mean that goblins very rarely show up in Uptown, and get a rather chilly reception when they do.

Where to eat, drink, and stay

As with so many other small touristy towns, each tavern and pub has a distinctly different feel and a correspondingly different clientele. Most of the time, the worst that will happen if you pop into the wrong pub is a bar fight, but there are a few places you definitely want to be careful of. The Urquarth Taverns & Inns section of the Travel Guide to the Southern Mountains provides a pretty good overview.