The Urquarth Delves

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From Upper Urquarth, head for the cliffs and you’ll find the Giant’s Gate. Pass through the gate, and you’re in the Urquarth Delves.

The Delves were established about 50 years before Upper Urquarth, which grew as a support community The current population of the Delves is around 2,000.


A thousand years ago, the Delves still supplied precious metals and gems to the whole Southern Mountains area. Today, most of that is gone and the only significant mining in the Delves is for the coal that keeps their forges going.


The Delves started out as a dwarven colony, and it has largely stayed that way. There are about 2,000 residents in the Delves, and almost 90% of them are dwarven. The rest is mostly gnomes with a smattering of humans, many of whom work in the brewery.

Where to eat, drink, and stay

Unless you have some connection to a local in the Delves, you’ll probably want to book your room in Uptown. Non-dwarven visitors will still be welcome for a drink at the Ale Room and a great meal at Meat and Sleep. The Urquarth Taverns & Inns section of the Travel Guide to the Southern Mountains provides a pretty good overview.