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By all means, choose what class and ancestry you’d like to play, but if you want this campaign to work, your humble DM would like to make a few recommendations:

  • You’re going to need one or more dwarves, and I strongly suggest that you don’t bring any goblins on this campaign!
  • Keep in mind that most of the campaign will happen underground, and if you’re always blundering along making a noise like elephants which others can hear a mile off, you’ll have problems.
  • Healer. ‘Nuff said.

Note that none of the party members will have met before this campaign begins. Think up a backstory about how your character ended up on the road visiting the twin towns of Urquarth! The main campaign page has information about the other towns in the Southern Mountains Region.

For details about your character and notes from me, click on your name below. You should have your password already. If not, text me.


CHARACTER NAME: Kelwyn Tolmach
ANCESTRY / SEX / CLASS: Gnome Male Cleric of Enki
FAMILIAR: Hoyle the Fox


CHARACTER NAME: Thielenn (pronounced Tee-lin) Blackdrink
ANCESTRY / SEX / CLASS: Dwarven Female Paladin of Ninkasi
WEAPON: kha-ahmet, the cask hammer




CHARACTER NAME: Drago Bearpunch
ANCESTRY / SEX / CLASS: Dwarven Male Barbarian of Ishtar


CHARACTER NAME: Dimri Stonegild
ANCESTRY / SEX / CLASS: Dwarven Female Ranger

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