Deities of the Urquarth Campaign

LAWFUL Utu Ninkasi Asmodeus
NEUTRAL Geshtinanna Ishtar Ereshkigal
CHAOTIC Enki Anzû Asag


God of storms, and fire
Manifests as a fire-breathing bird 
Alignment: CN
Edicts: Purify with fire; be true to your own morals, not to the law; be true to your word
Anathema: Killing unnecessarily, following an evil leader
Favored Weapon: Rapier


God of destruction, disease, and disaster
Manifests as a hideous gigantic beast too horrible to gaze upon 
Alignment: CE
Edicts: Destroy everything; trust nobody; rule by the strongest
Anathema: Love; material possessions beyond what you can carry; laws
Favored Weapon: Battle axe


God of pride, slavery, and tyranny 
Alignment: LE
Edicts: Rule over the weak; bow to the strong; take what you can by working within the law
Anathema: Breaking contracts; freeing slaves; showing insubordination
Favored Weapon: Whip


God of water, knowledge, art, creation, and mischief
Alignment: CG
Edicts: Learn everything; create beauty; have fun; play
Anathema: Ignorance; ugliness; needless destruction
Favored Weapon: Trident


Goddess of death, fate, and prophesy
Alignment: NE
Edicts: All things in their time; follow the prophesies; properly lay bodies to rest
Anathema: The undead; desecration of a corpse; robbing a tomb
Favored Weapon: Scythe


Goddess of agriculture, fertility, and dreams
Alignment: NG
Edicts: Respect all life; honor mothers; learn and use healing skills
Anathema: Death; lies
Favored Weapon: Sickle


Goddess of war, sex, and hedonism
Alignment: N
Edicts: Do what feels good; what you see is what you get; pursue your goals ruthlessly
Anathema: Submission; sneakiness
Favored Weapon: War hammer


Goddess of brewing, passion, and guardianship
Alignment: LN
Edicts: Enjoy life; love passionately; care for your family and those who need your protection
Anathema: Apathy; indifference; abandoning a loved one.
Favored Weapon: Mace


God of the sun, justice, morality, and truth
Alignment: LG
Edicts: Follow the law; follow truth; reward the good; punish the evil
Anathema: Choosing self over community; breaking the law
Favored Weapon: Claymore