Co-op Lease and Flooring

This is the header of the press release about signing the lease:

Press release 2016-08-08 Lease Signed

As of this date, we had a signed lease and keys to the building. This is the header from the materials quote/sales order from the flooring company:

Flooring order 2016-08-25

Note the references to the “quote.” This isn’t a bill after the fact, it is from before we started. And this is an email to the board after we realized that the TIF grant I secured for the co-op wasn’t going to cover the flooring:

Subject: Re: TIF grant
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2016 13:04:57 -0600
From: Gary D. Robson <>
Organization: This House of Books
To: Carrie La Seur <>
CC: Precious McKenzie <>, Nina Hernandez <>

Here’s the problem with working on such an accelerated schedule. I had to place the flooring order last week in order to have any chance of getting this place opened by the 17th. I have already written a $7,500 check for the hardwood, and it is on its way here from South Carolina.

When Greg informed me that the committee had unanimously voted to approve the grant, I thought it would be safe.

Should I find out what it would cost us to cancel the real hardwood and switch to laminate of some kind?

The existing floor is particle board layered over plywood.

Gary D. Robson
General Manager/CEO
This House of Books
224 North Broadway, Billings, MT 59101

Written on the 29th, this email shows that I placed the flooring order “last week,” which is well after the signing of the lease.