The Relaunch

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The Interregnum

Since our intrepid party last went out adventuring, three weeks have passed. Things have been busy in town, and the favorites of the muses have been helping the city officials, while growing ever more anxious to hit the road again.

The flood danger has been largely ameliorated. Although it may be another year or more before the pass opens, spillways have been cut to drain the dangerous accumulation of water behind the landslide, and the water is now flowing safely within the banks of the Arachthos river once again.

Orychio mine has been cleared out, and there’s talk of reopening it. For the moment, though, it is being used as the primary route in and out of Mnemosyne, allowing limited contact with the rest of the world. Enough news has filtered into town from outside to tell everyone that order has not yet been restored. A half-dozen would-be rulers have styled themselves as kings and established territories, but none of them have solidified control of their own “kingdoms,” much less unified the entire empire. The meeting area where the gorgon resided is now sealed off and guarded as the town discusses what to do about the petrified miners.

The party hasn’t yet announced that they have gorgon snake blood that can un-petrify people. Everyone in town knows that Anastasia was un-petrified, but nobody outside the party knows how (Anastasia has moved in with Boudreaux, sharing his room at the Giggling Wizard).

Mikida hasn’t been seen since the day the party returned from the mine. The white cat, after a couple of days of pacing and howling, settled down and bonded with Alexios. Upon examining the cat’s collar, Alexios discovered that the cat’s name is actually Sir Happybottom Fluffalot of Erato.

Samsonite (“the luggage”) has remained with Aureus, who has started storing his belongings in it. A surprising amount of stuff fits inside.

Fanalis Ensalor, the prostitute from the Vulgar Monkey, has been spending a great deal of her time with Alexios.

The muses haven’t been seen for the entire interregnum. Until now…

The Muses Return

Medeia was just sitting down to lunch today when the voice of Clio rang out in her head. “Gather your friends and meet us in the common room of the Giggling Wizard at sunset. It appears that my sisters and I can exchange favors with you and your friends. And don’t worry — you won’t be dealing with a live dragon…”

(Make sure to look over the map before the next game session)


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