You are here: Mnemosyne

Welcome to the Mnemosyne campaign, which will begin on November 1 and run every Friday evening starting at 6:00 at the tea shop (we will not be playing on December 6 —Christmas Stroll).

RULES: Pathfinder 2, with homebrew elements.

SETTING: The village of Mnemosyne (pronounced neh MOSS a nee), where everything you’ve ever known is about to change. For the better? We shall see…

PLAYERS: Each of you found your way to Mnemosyne is a different way, and at a different time. All of you, however, found your way into the Ox & Feather tavern (read the history here) to hear the bard Wilkin announce the slaying of the emperor and the fall of the empire.

Each of you has been selected by one of the muses, newly empowered after hiding out in Mnemosyne for centuries.

DUSTIN’s character: Boudreaux Fireroot

  • Dwarven druid
  • Chosen by Polyhymnia (poly HIM nee ah).

GWEN’s character: Alexios

  • Elven bard
  • Chosen by Euterpe (you TER pee).

JEREMY’s character: Pumpkin

  • Halfling ranger
  • Chosen by Melpomene (mel POM meh nee).

MIKE’s character: Areus Themos

  • Half-elf warrior
  • Chosen by Calliope (ca LIE oh pee).

REANNA’s character: Medeia

  • Half-elf rogue
  • Chosen by Clio (CLEE oh).




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