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Alternative Realtime CareersAlternative Realtime Careers: A Guide to Closed Captioning and CART for Court Reporters can put you on the path to an exciting, new career. You’ll learn everything you need to know about the captioning and CART work environments and, more importantly, how to prepare and take advantage of these opportunities. You’ll also find information on:

  • How realtime translation works
  • What makes a good captioner or CART writer
  • How to apply for a realtime job
  • The technical basics of captioning
  • Selecting the right software and equipment
  • Captioning from your home
  • Starting your own CART or captioning business
  • Calling deaf people on the phone
  • The laws that govern the use of captioning

Alternative Realtime Careers also provides a variety of case studies, so you can find out how other court reporters have transitioned into the captioning or CART fields, and a comprehensive list of software and hardware vendors and Web sites.


Alternative Realtime Careers covers about every topic and every phase of realtime reporting assignments, this from the guru of captioning hardware/software.”
– Jack Boenau, ReporterCentral

Table of Contents

  • Table of Contents
  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  • What is this book about?
    • Why would a court reporter care?
    • The History and Theory of Realtime
    • Where did realtime come from?
    • How does realtime translation work?
    • What makes a good captioner or CART writer?
  • Closed Captioning
    • What is captioning?
    • Where captions come from
    • Where captions go
    • The look of the captions
    • Non-English captioning
    • Captioning software
    • Credits and logos
  • CART
    • What is CART?
    • What your customers really want
    • Making your text look good
    • Types of video
    • CART equipment
    • A final piece of CART advice
  • Bloopers
    • Anatomy of a Blooper
    • More Bloopers, Just for Fun
  • Getting Started
    • Preparing for an alternative realtime career
    • Writing a résumé or CV
    • Cover letters
    • Making a demo tape
    • Applying for a realtime job
  • Captioning From Home
    • Your home office
    • Services to the house
    • At-home captioning equipment
  • Going Solo
    • Starting your own business
    • Marketing and sales
    • What to charge
    • Your Web site
  • Deaf Culture
    • Calling Deaf People on the Phone
  • Threats, Real and Perceived
    • Speech recognition
    • Sign-language interpreters
  • The Law
    • State Laws
    • Federal Captioning Laws
    • The ADA
    • TDCA
    • Telecommunications Act of 1996
    • Other captioning-related laws
  • Case Studies
    • Network News
    • Local News
    • Educational CART
    • Sports Captioning
    • Local Government
    • The U.S. Senate
    • Church Captioning
    • Bilingual Captioning
    • Captioned Theater
  • Resources
    • Software & Hardware Vendors
    • Product Cross-Reference
    • Captioning/CART Web sites
    • Bibliography
  • Glossary

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