Mexican spam. And I’m not talking about food!

We had a lovely trip to Mexico last year (see my obligatory “sunset and palm tree in La Paz picture” at right). Since I’m not much of a “lay around in the sun” kind of guy, when Kathy parked in the sun I signed up for the hotel’s Internet access and parked in the shade with my iPad.

Short term, that was a good idea. Facebook is a lot cheaper way to keep in touch with the kids than international cellphone calls, and it let me read my favorite blogs while enjoying the scenery (and even an e-book or two). Long term, that didn’t work out quite so well.

Before I even got home, the influx of spam began. Yeah, I goofed. I used my real email address when I signed up for the hotel’s Internet access, instead of creating a throwaway email address. A year later, I’m still getting spam emails in Spanish. Often, I can’t even tell what they’re trying to sell me. They don’t include an “I don’t speak Spanish; don’t ever email me again” button. If they did, I wouldn’t trust it.

How do you avoid making my mistake?

Create a special email address just for the spammers. If you have your own domain, it’s easy. If not, use Google or Yahoo or any of the 14 zillion other free email services out there. Make it easy to remember (e.g., and use it any time you sign up for anything that requires an email address. Immediately before using it, delete the entire inbox, then go through their signup and confirmation process. Afterward, go back to ignoring the email address.

I shall now attempt to forget the mental picture that the title of this post created: spam tacos. Although, with some lime and cilantro, they might not be that bad…

Just for kicks, here are the last three Mexican spams I received:


I’m guessing this is for a seminar that will make me taller. I’m tall enough already, so I’ll skip it.

Daca esti in cautarea unei metode de invatare a limbii engleze in mod rapid, usor si eficient, acest site este solutia potrivita pentru cerintele tale.
Poti invata limba engleza folosind cursurile noastre complete si usor de inteles pentru toate varstele.

Invata sa vorbesti, sa scrii si sa citesti in limba engleza in doar 20 de zile, 50 minute pe zi.

If I’m reading this right, they want to teach me to speak English. Hmmm. Buy a list of people who filled out a form IN ENGLISH on a tourist hotel’s website and send them spam offering to teach them to speak English. These are some clever spammers!

¡Esta es la oportunidad que estabas esperando!

Really? It is? Then how come I don’t see a “shut up and leave me the hell alone” button? That’s the opportunity I’m really waiting for.

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